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Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth is “The Book” that is changing the financial destiny of the people of God across the globe! This is because of revelations from the Word of God that teaches a single financial strategy…

Creator of the four-part teaching series God’s Original Design for Wealth!TM

“Your creditors are aware that your paychecks are seeds and not the harvest from your labor. You are already playing the…“Game of Money”

NOW is the time for YOU to WIN!!!!”

Charles was born April 15, 1973 in Tulsa, OK. He has been chosen for this generation because of our current financial fiasco. After seeking the Lord about his own financial troubles, the Holy Spirit began teaching him that there is a single design to wealth and that he would be given a message to tell everyone concerning that design. In 2001, he received an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana Business College in Indianapolis, Indiana. Shortly after graduating, he received a prophetic message to pursue business on a deeper level for the body of Christ.

This man of God has heard the lamenting of the people of God and has been sent not only to them, but to the world at large. He has been anointed to interpret secrets hidden in the Bible concerning poverty, jobs and entrepreneurship.

As a published author, Charles has written Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth. The conception of this book began in 2003, when he attending a financial/minister’s conference in Darrow, Louisiana. This divine appointment was hosted by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar of Atlanta and Dr. Leroy Thompson of Louisiana at Word of Life Christian Center. The night before the last night of the revival, he prayed that God would come to him in a dream and tell him the meaning of his life. This company is the manifestation of the contents of that dream. Simply put, God pointed at him, then said,

“Give him a message that he may tell everyone.”

Wife of renowned author-Charles H. Boxsley Jr.  Dominique accepted Christ at an early age. Her passion and affinity for God has given this woman of God the gift of discernment – a critical attribute that enhances her comparable gift of administration.

With a strong desire to continually grow in the Lord, through His word, she has dedicated herself to live by example.  A graduate of Northwood University, which educates managers and entrepreneurs as highly skilled and ethical leaders, she boasts a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) Degree-2006.

As a Member – Manager of Equanimity: Eclipse Enlightenment, LLC., Dominique has expertise in strategic planning, market pricing, development support and implementation. She has over sixteen years of administration experience in banking, telecommunications and social services.


Session I – Why Not A Job?

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